Announcing the UnifyID AI Fellowship


Today, we would like to announce the UnifyID AI Fellowship program for Fall 2016. The fellowship runs for six weeks, beginning October 28, 2016 through to December 4, 2016. This selective, cross-disciplinary program covers the following areas:

  • Deep Learning
  • Signal Processing
  • Optimization Theory
  • Sensor Technology
  • Mobile Development
  • Statistical Machine Learning
  • Security and Identity
  • Human Behavior

Our UnifyID AI Fellows will get to choose from one of 16 well-defined projects in the broad area of applied artificial intelligence in the context of solving the problem of seamless personal authentication.

All selected fellows will be awarded:

  1. A fellowship stipend.
  2. Access to state-of-the-art GPU hardware and $360,000 in Microsoft Azure cloud service credits.
  3. Weekend access to our office space in SoMa, as well as as-needed access on weekdays.
  4. Prepaid Clipper card to help with commuting to/from the office.
  5. Chance to collaborate and publish with top-tier security experts from MIT, Stanford, CMU, Berkeley, Dartmouth, etc.
  6. A citation, certificate, and plaque commemorating your achievement.
  7. Exclusive UnifyID Fellow signature bags and sweatshirts for the Fall 2016 inaugural class.
  8. A chance to present at the UnifyID Tech-expo Day in December 2016.

We expect the work from your Fellowship to result in either a publication (with fully open-sourced code and data repository on GitHub for reproducible research) or a patent filing.



We welcome applications from practitioners, hackers, tech-enthusiasts as well as students in full-time accredited academic programs both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, preferably from the SF bay area. An ideal candidate has both math and coding chops, but more importantly, this individual is an engineer, signal-processor, hacker, and self-proclaimed guru who is comfortable with crafting, hacking, implementing, re-implementing, and breaking Machine Learning algorithms deep, shallow or otherwise.

 Tracks Machine Learning Mobile Dev.
Languages Python, Lua, Julia, R, Scala, Java Swift, Objective C, Java
Libraries/Platforms/Frameworks Scikit-learn, Torch/Autograd, Caffe, Keras with Theano/TensorFlow, Chainer Core Location, Core Motion, Core Bluetooth, DeepLearningKit, Accelerate: BNNS, CoreAudio/AudioKit
OS Ubuntu, OS X, RHEL / CentOS / Fedora, iOS, Android

Please apply here and include in the open form field, a personal statement (no longer than 250 words) explaining what you expect to achieve with this fellowship along with your favorite moment in the sun (publication, GitHub code-base, live-project link).


UnifyID AI Fellowship

San Francisco, CA

Program Weekend Dates: October 28 – December 4, 2016

Application due date: October 17, 2016, 11:59 PM (PDT)

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