Announcing the UnifyID Spring AI Fellowship


Today, we would like to announce the UnifyID AI Fellowship program for Spring 2017. This is the second edition of the fellowship (Fall 2016 cohort) and is expected to run for 12 weeks, February 23 through May 18. This selective, cross-disciplinary program covers the following areas:

  • Deep Learning
  • Signal Processing
  • Optimization Theory
  • Sensor Technology
  • Mobile Development
  • Statistical Machine Learning
  • Security and Identity
  • Human Behavior
  • UX/UI Development for the above areas
  • Tech Journalism for the above areas
  • Special Focus:

We will be assigning one fellow to work on in collaboration with Dr. Dean Pomerleau of the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute. If interested, please add a note in your application. We expect this fellowship applicant to have substantial experience with handling textual data and NLP expertise. The application should reflect links to previous work in this domain.



Our UnifyID AI Fellows will be initially allocated to a well-defined project matched with their area of interest and expertise and also mapped to a fellowship mentor. The fellows are then presented with a week’s time to collaborate with the mentor and come up with an 11-week timeline roughly detailing the pathway that they plan to take to achieve the project end-goals.

During the fellowship, the fellows are expected to convene in-person and present weekly updates every Thursday evening in our office located in SoMa, San Francisco. In exceptional cases, individuals will be allowed to present via video chat. Absentees in these update-presentation sessions for two consecutive weeks will result in an automatic ejection from the fellowship.

All selected fellows will be awarded:

  1. Life-long designation as a UnifyID AI Fellow.
  2. A fellowship stipend.
  3. Access to state-of-the-art GPU hardware and $360,000 in Microsoft Azure cloud service credits.
  4. Access to our office space in SoMa.
  5. Prepaid Clipper card to help with commuting to/from the office.
  6. A chance to collaborate and publish with top-tier security experts from MIT, Stanford, CMU, Berkeley, Dartmouth, etc.
  7. Conference registration fees for all of the publications that emanate from the fellowship.
  8. Travel expenses for one flagship top-tier conference in case fellow’s work gets accepted as a publication.
  9. A citation and certificate commemorating your achievement.
  10. Exclusive UnifyID Fellow swag.
  11. A chance to present at the UnifyID Tech-expo Day in May 2017.



  1. A short paper describing the project.
  2. A detailed, well-commented code submission on either or (in case you have an arxiv worthy submission).
  3. A one-page blog post providing a less technical version of the project details. ($ ipython nbconvert–to markdown notebook.ipynb–stdout will do!)
  4. A final presentation in .ppt or .pdf format during the UnifyID Tech-expo Day.

We also expect that with regard to some of the projects, we may be able to munge certain openly available datasets and upload with associated open problems on if the fellow is limited by the timeline of the fellowship.



We welcome applications from practitioners, tech-enthusiasts as well as students spanning both the undergraduate and graduate levels, preferably from the SF bay area. 


Tracks Languages Libraries/Platforms/Frameworks
Machine Learning Python, Lua, Julia, R, Scala, Java Scikit-learn, Torch/Autograd, Caffe, Keras with Theano/TensorFlow, Chainer
Mobile Development Swift, Objective C, Java Core Location, Core Motion, Core Bluetooth, DeepLearningKit,Accelerate: BNNS, CoreAudio/AudioKit
Security C, C++, JavaScript AES, RSA, ECDSA, PKI, Functional Encryption, Enclaves (SGX)
UX/UI Development (Portfolio Review)
Tech Journalism (Portfolio Review)

Please apply here with the following:

  1. Resume
  2. A personal statement (no longer than 250 words) explaining what you expect to achieve with this fellowship.
  3. A 5-slide presentation (ppt or pdf) detailing your most cherished accomplishment in the area you are applying to (with links to publication(s), GitHub code-base, live-project link, etc.).


UnifyID AI Fellowship

San Francisco, CA

Program Weekend Dates: February 23 – May 18, 2016

Application due date: January 31, 2017, 11:59 PM (PDT)

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