UnifyID Anoints 16 Distinguished Scientists for the AI Fellowship

Fast Growing Startup Uses Machine Learning to Solve Passwordless Authentication

Today, UnifyID, a service that can authenticate you based on unique factors like the way you walk, type, and sit, announced the final 16 fellows selected for its inaugural Artificial Intelligence Fellowship for the Fall of 2016. Each of the fellows have shown exemplary leadership and curiosity in making a meaningful difference in our society and clearly has an aptitude for making sweeping changes in this rapidly growing area of AI.

Of the company’s recent launch and success at TechCrunch Disrupt, claiming SF Battlefield Runner-Up (2nd in 1000 applicants worldwide), UnifyID CEO John Whaley said, “We were indeed overwhelmed by the amazing response to our first edition of the AI Fellowship and the sheer quality of applicants we received. We also take immense pride in the fact that more than 40% of our chosen cohort will be women, which further reinforces our commitment as one of the original 33 signees of the U.S. White House Tech Inclusion Pledge.”

The final 16 fellows hail from Israel, Paris, Kyoto, Bangalore, and cities across the U.S. with Ph.D., M.S., M.B.A., and B.S. degrees from MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, Columbia, NYU-CIMS, UCLA, Wharton, among other top institutions.

  • Aidan Clark triple major in Math, Classical Languages and CS at UC Berkeley
  • Anna Venancio-Marques Data Scientist in Residence, PhD École normale supérieure
  • Arik Sosman Software Engineer at BitGo, 2x Apple WWDC scholar, CeBIT speaker
  • Baiyu Chen Convolutional Neural Network Researcher, Masters in CS at UC Berkeley

  • Fuxiao Xin Lead Machine Learning Scientist at GE Global Research, PhD Bioinformatics

  • Kathy Sohrabi VP Engineering, IoT and sensors, MBA at Wharton, PhD EE at UCLA
  • Kazu Komoto Chief Robotics Engineer, CNET Writer, Masters in ME at Kyoto University

  • Laura Florescu Co-authored Asymptopia, Mathematical Reviewer, PhD CS at NYU

  • Lorraine Lin Managing Director, MFE Berkeley, PhD Oxford, Masters Design Harvard
  • Morgan Lai AI Scientist, MIT Media Lab, Co-founder/CTO, M.Eng. CS at MIT
  • Pushpa Raghani Post Doc Researcher at Stanford and IBM, PhD Physics at JNCASR

  • Raul Puri Machine Learning Development at Berkeley, BS EE/CS/Bioeng at Berkeley
  • Sara Hooker Data Scientist, Founder non-profit, educational access in rural Africa
  • Siraj Raval Data Scientist, the Bill Nye of Computer Science on YouTube

  • Wentao Wang Senior New Tech Integration Engineer at Tesla, PhD ME at MIT

  • Will Grathwohl Computer Vision Specialist, Founder/Chief Scientist, BS CSAIL at MIT


This highly selective, cross-disciplinary program covers the following areas:

  • Deep Learning
  • Signal Processing
  • Optimization Theory
  • Sensor Technology
  • Mobile Development
  • Statistical Machine Learning
  • Security and Identity
  • Human Behavior

Our UnifyID AI Fellows will get to choose from one of 16 well-defined projects in the broad area of applied artificial intelligence in the context of solving the problem of seamless personal authentication. The Fellows will be led by our esteemed Fellowship Advisors, renown experts in machine learning and PhDs from CMU, Stanford, and University of Vienna, Austria.

Please welcome our incoming class! ✨


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Interning At UnifyID

As spring semester at Purdue was ending and college was winding down, many of my friends in the computer science program were getting ready for their summer internships. Most of them were at big name companies, and people already had their mentors and projects assigned. My desire to start a company in the future and make a strong impact during the summer led me down a different path. I decided to intern at a startup, one with less than 10 employees, where I hadn’t heard of the product before I applied for the job. The only thing I knew was that this startup, UnifyID, was working on a technology that I believed was the future and really wanted to be a part of.

The first day I got to the office, I knew that I was definitely in for a great summer. I met my mentor (the CEO), a PhD and Stanford Professor and the head Machine Learning Engineer, a dual PhD from Carnegie Mellon. Rather than having to sit through a long orientation, I was told to look through the codebase and made a contribution on the first day! This trend continued throughout the summer, as I was involved in a lot of the product architecture discussions and everything I did went into production.

Some of the interesting projects I got to work on included creating and managing a Cassandra cluster, working with OpenCV for Facial Recognition, and lots of data collection! I also implemented security protocols, registration/login flow and challenge flows. On the non-technical side, I learned a lot about day-to-day company operations, investor relations, hiring teammates, product design, the road to TechCrunch Disrupt Runner-up, and the importance of building great company culture.

Photo by Oren Haskins

The culture at UnifyID is brimming with hard-working, qualified, and interesting people. Everyone understands the startup grind, truly believes in the product, and knows that hard work is the only thing stopping UnifyID from becoming a huge success. Daily news reaffirms how terrible passwords are, and there is a really good chance that they will be replaced, the question is–who is going to build the best solution to do this? After my experience, I am very confident that the team at UnifyID is the right one to solve the problem.

Overall, my decision to work at UnifyID turned out to be an excellent one. I liked it so much that I still work part-time, during college. No where else would I have gotten to work on changing the future of authentication, to sit right next to the COO, or to work directly under a Stanford professor as an undergraduate intern. I also wouldn’t have been able to have discussions with so many highly qualified engineers about state of the art security or machine learning, and then proceed to implement them.

We are hiring and located a few steps away from the ballpark in SoMa, San Francisco!